Why Photo Books Are Still Popular in A Digital World

Why Photo Books Are Still Popular in A Digital World

You can’t step into a restaurant or go near any tourist attraction today without seeing someone snapping away on their cellphone and sending their photo out into the world. 

Sure, it’s fun and satisfies our need for instant gratification, but what about next year, ten, twenty, or thirty years from now?  Your cellphone will be long gone, along with those precious moments and all of your pictures. 

Nothing takes the place of a quality photo book for capturing, sharing, and preserving the best moments of your life with the people you love.

4 Reasons Print Beats Digital

Digitizing your family photos as a backup is an excellent idea. However, when it comes to sitting around the dining table and reminiscing, nothing beats a family photo book. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Photo Books are Permanent – You can view a photo book whenever you want. It stays on the coffee table or bookshelf ready to view anytime. Yes, you can look at a digital photo when you want… as long as you have power and the device works.
  2. Photo Books Make a Memorable Gift – Sending a digital photo to someone’s phone doesn’t have the same impact as handing someone a physical book filled with photographic memories. Giving the book means you took the time to care. The receiver will remember you every time they open it.
  3. Photo Books are Easy to View – The photographs in a photo book are large. You can see interesting details that you can’t see peering into a cellphone.
  4. A Photo Book is Physical – There is something comforting about holding a book. Being able to look at someone’s face who lived long ago, and running your fingers over the image makes you feel connected. You can’t experience the same uplifting familiarity with a picture on an electronic screen.

It may be a digital world, but we are still humans who love to touch. A photo book is something you can hold, feel the texture of the pages, and pass it along to someone else. It’s a physical book that’s filled with emotional memories. 

When you want to capture your photographic history in a photo book, let the pros at Classic Memories guide you.

Use a Professional for Best Results

You have options out there to make a photo book yourself. However, there are artistic and technical advantages to using a professional service. 

At Classic Memories, we begin by digitizing your original photos. We can make critical corrections to old photos, improving the image quality in ways you can’t do at home. We will crop, straighten, fix red eyes, and color correct as needed. 

Once the photos look their best, we use our experience to arrange them and optimize them for print, so every page of your photo book looks neat and organized. 

The only decision you need to make is which book to choose.

3 Styles of Photo Books and Their Advantages

Classic Memories offer three unique styles of photo books to meet your budget and taste.

1. Leather Lux Hardcover Photo Book

There is nothing more substantial than a beautiful bound photo book. Our Leather Lux Hardcover Photo Book is the best choice for preserving important family history and events for generations. The leather-blend looks elegant sitting on a coffee table in your living room.

The book contains 50 digital images on thick, glossy, archival photo paper. We will arrange them in the sequence you provide. You can opt to upgrade the book to hold 100 photos. The book is 12.5” wide by 10” high with lay-flat pages and no gutter.

The Leather Lux Hardcover Photo Book comes in your choice of 13 colors. Next, you can choose a cover title in gold foil, silver foil, or basic black. Then we can add two additional lines of text stamped onto the leather lux cover.

We also give you one more option to make this book a keepsake. You can order a storage box in beige or chestnut to help preserve it from the elements.

2. Hardcover Photo Book

The Hardcover Photo Book uses case-binding and comes with a dust jacket for added protection. The case-binding method is the binding used for high-quality library books and will keep your photos intact for generations. The pages are semi-gloss, so they won’t show finger marks. We will help you to organize your photos in the right sequence to tell your story. Our specialists take care of any necessary photo enhancements for you.

The 11” wide by 8.5 tall” Hardcover Photo Book holds 50 images, or up to 100 if you wish to upgrade. Select any of 12 colors to make your book stand out. 

We personalize your book by adding a photo, title, and date on both the dust jacket and hardcover.  We will also add your personalized message inside the jacket’s front flap.

3. Softcover Photo Book

The Softcover Photo Book is perfect for preserving your family photos on a budget. We’ll help you organize up to 50 images on 22 semi-gloss pages. You can also upgrade to 100 photos and choose from 12 colors for the cover and pages.

The Softcover Book is 11” wide by 8.5” high and is perfect bound. Perfect binding is more economical, using strong, flexible glue to bind the spine of the book together.  Along with basic enhancements to your photos, we print a photo, the date, and title on the cover.

The Most Personal Gift

It is one thing to snap pictures on your phone and post them on the internet. It’s completely different to see those images in a book, leafing through them at your leisure. More importantly, photo books preserve old, rare family photos for future generations.

It’s gratifying to watch someone in your home or office, pick up and view your custom photo book. Giving a gift of a high-quality photo book is the perfect way to show your friends and family that you care.

To spark your creativity, view our online portfolio for Photo Books. If you have questions, you can contact Classic Memories for a free consultation on ordering your photo books.

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