Start Planning for Your Holiday Shopping Today

Start Planning for Your Holiday Shopping Today

Do you have trouble finding a unique gift for the holidays, especially for Christmas and Hanukkah? You end up buying a mediocre impersonal gift just to have something, but you don’t feel great about giving it.

This year will be different. By planning for your holiday shopping now, you’re going to give an amazing, personalized, once-in-a-lifetime gift, that no one else can. Yours will be the most meaningful gift ever, and you’ll feel proud of giving it!

But it’s going to take a bit of preparation and time. No matter what month it is, get started now.

The Timeless Gift of Family History

The clock ticks faster as we age.  Many memorable occasions take place from childhood to teen to adult. Along the way, someone was taking videos of these  remarkable events. This year, you’re going to transfer all of your video tapes to DVDs or digital files. Use our video tape transfer services to make a fun and lasting gift for anyone in your family.

It’s always exciting to reminisce over your treasured family videos. They contain precious memories and priceless images of fun times with family. However, there can be issues with  video tapes:

  • They are bulky
  • Tapes require outdated equipment that is hard to find to view them.
  • Fire, water, or time can destroy them
  • They are irreplaceable
  • You can’t share the video content easily

Solve all of these problems and give the best holiday gift possible by transferring all of  those years of video on VHS tapes, mini DVs, mini DVDs, 8mm tapes, and MicroMV to DVDs or an external hard drive. 

Recently, our customer, Peter C. said: “I needed old videos transferred, and briefly considered using some chain store’s service. I’m so glad I did not. Neil and Lisa are competent, professional, kind, helpful, and truly care about what they do. They really go the extra mile. I cannot recommend them enough. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in years with any type of business. Fantastic service!”

 It’s so important to preserve your family memories before they get lost or destroyed. Video tapes can degrade over time, even if you never view them! Giving a gift of long-lost memories by digitizing your videos is a priceless, memorable way to show someone you care about them.

Plan Ahead for Holiday Video Tape Transfer Services

As the holidays approach, we get many orders for our video tape transfer services. You’ll need to plan at least a month or more for your video tape transfers. Besides, it takes time for you to collect and go through all the VHS tapes, mini DVs, mini DVDs, 8mm tapes, and MicroMVs. It can be quite a task, but you’ll be glad you did.

Once you have collected everything, call Classic Memories for a free consultation. We take the time to preserve your original media carefully.

Easy to Share

Once we transfer your VHS videos or other video files to DVD, digital MP4 video files or hard drive, it’s a snap to send them online or mail to anyone.

It’s the perfect holiday gift for family members who have access to the internet or a DVD player. Bring a smile to your family and friends.  

“Thank you so much for transferring my VHS tapes. I couldn’t find anybody to do this for me. A local department store referred you to me and Classic Memories delivered. I’m so glad you were able to do the transfers. They were great, you saved me.”  – Bob O.

Our Gift Certificates For Video Transfers Are A Great Option

One way to give the gift of lasting memories is by sending a gift certificate for our video tape transfer service. It’s valid for up to a year. Gift certificates can also be used for any of our services including:

  • Scanning your photos, 35 mm slides, and negatives to be shared on the cloud or emailed to family
  • Creating a custom, printed Photo Book from your family photographs
  • Your audio cassette tapes will sound great when we transfer them to CDs and MP3 digital files
  • Custom Slideshows from your photographs and music selections look and sound great. We offer many packages to choose from.
  • Bulk duplication of your disc media, including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays

Sending our gift certificate is the perfect way to help anyone to start saving their memories and personal history.

Purchase Classic Memories Gift Certificates in denominations from $25 to $500. They are valid for up to one year. That’s plenty of time to get all of your boxes of video tapes organized and handed over to us.

Easy Holiday Shopping

This year make it a worry-free holiday for you.  Order our service(s) or a gift card. By planning your holiday shopping today, you’ll give the most thoughtful and memorable gift of a lifetime.

A gift as memorable as this takes longer than ordering a generic item from a big box store, so get started right away.

If you need help starting your project, contact us for a free consultation at 914-683-5537 or send an email to   Share the gift of your precious memories to be enjoyed for generations to come!

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