CD Audio Ripping Service

CD Audio Ripping Service


The CD Audio Ripping Service is ideal for converting your bulk music CD library into popular digital audio formats for listening in your car, computer, smartphone or portable music player.

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  • Pricing is $1.35 per audio CD, for orders of 25 or more CDs, and includes one audio file format selection.
  • Some audio CDs may not contain metadata and your transferred audio files would reflect that.
  • IMPORTANT: The Terms and Conditions for Transferring your Copyrighted Audio CDs can be read here:

Select how many audio CDs you need transferred.

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Select only 1 of the 3 options below for the audio file format you require.

Great sound quality, small file size. MP3 is a popular audio format.

Best sound quality, medium file size.

Best sound quality, large file size.

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