• The Audio Cassette Tape to CD Transfer service is ideal for transferring and preserving your original standard audio cassette tapes and audio microcassette tapes to CDs or MP3 digital files. Transfer includes one CD per tape.
    • Each audio tape up to 60 mins. is $14.99, 90 mins. is $16.99, and 120 mins. is $18.99.
    • Basic audio enhancements will be applied, including noise reduction (tape hiss), normalization, and amplification when required.
    • Your audio cassette tape is transferred onto an archival CD-R with a white label and title printed in black type.
    • Slim jewel case.
  • The MP3 Digital Audio File option is ideal if you would like audio digital file(s) in addition to your audio tape transfer to CD.
    • Pricing is $3.00 per track.
    • Excellent choice for archiving your sound recordings.
    • Can be used in audio editing applications.
    • MP3 audio file(s) will be supplied to you by a download link and password via email.
  • The CD Audio Ripping Service is ideal for converting your bulk music CD library into popular digital audio formats for listening in your car, computer, smartphone or portable music player.
    • Pricing is $1.00 per CD.
    • Excellent choice for converting your audio CD library, 25 CDs or more, into modern music formats.
    • Audio files can be used in editing applications.
    • Digital audio files can be saved on your supplied drive or you can purchase one from us.

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