Legacy Video – A Modern Day Heirloom for The Family

Legacy Video – A Modern Day Heirloom for The Family

The moment will come in your life when you wonder, “What will I leave behind to my family after I’m gone?” As we become older and wiser, we realize that it’s not the material things that will make up your legacy. It’s the rich stories of your life that will matter to your children and grandchildren. It’s the stories that make up your life that can make a difference to your future generations. 

Most people don’t think about their legacy until much later in life,  when they are very old, and much of the memories are gone. Stories passed from grandparents to children can be lost forever if the person passes away.

To preserve precious memories and family history, consider making a legacy video. The best time to start documenting your life moments is after the birth of your first child and continue adding to it throughout your life.   

People naturally want to tell the stories of their childhood and to pass down stories from their parents or grandparents. These stories will be lost forever when that person dies.

One of the best ways to remember someone and keep those stories alive is with a legacy video.

What is a Legacy Video?

A legacy video is a short personal documentary created by family and friends to share a loved one’s stories and accomplishments. It helps to preserve the legacy of an individual approaching end of life in a way that a book cannot. 

Imagine the excitement of great-great-grandchildren seeing the face and hearing the actual voice of their ancestors as they speak about a time long ago. 

However, the video is also a therapeutic device, helping family members get through the grieving process. The legacy video allows families to connect and remember their loved one during the painful and challenging moments.

How do people make a legacy video? You can create a quality video in five steps.

5 Steps to Creating a Legacy Video

Typically, a legacy video is an interview with the individual. You’ll need some equipment, planning and a bit of technical expertise to do it yourself. This list will help you get started.

Step 1: Choose Your Equipment

Use the best audio and video recording equipment you can buy or rent. If you’re on a tight budget, a cellphone camera mounted on a tripod will work. You can buy an external microphone for a cellphone for less than $30. It’s well worth it for the audio, especially when interviewing someone who speaks with a soft voice.

Step 2: Gather “Memory Triggers”

One way to help someone recall old times and forgotten memories is to show them old photos, memorabilia, movies, jewelry, and letters. Bring as much as you can for your interview. Film them as they describe what they are seeing and remembering their past. 

Try and keep track of the items so you can edit it together with the audio description.

Step 3: Interview the Family

If you have never interviewed anyone, read some articles on how to do it before you attempt one. Another tip is to conduct as many interviews with your elderly relatives as you can. At this point, you want to compile as many stories as you can. Worry about editing later.

Make the interviewee as comfortable as possible. For example, interview him or her while they are relaxing in their favorite chair. Don’t forget to bring out the memory triggers to fill in the gaps and create a memorable story.

Step 4: Upload Your Raw Audio and Video

You’ll need a place to store all your footage and audio files. You can use your computer or a cloud-based service depending on the size of the files. Be sure to back up everything. You don’t want to go to all the trouble of shooting the videos only to lose them on a faulty hard drive.

Step 5: Editing Your Legacy Video

You can search online for short courses on how to edit video if you’ve never done it. The simplest way to edit a legacy video is to let the interview roll while images overlay the voice. You are telling the story of someone’s life, so editing in chronological order makes the most sense.

However, if you don’t know how to edit, or have the right software to do video editing, it’s best to let the pros handle it. The team at Classic Memories will expertly edit your video for you. Contact us for a free consultation regarding our editing services.

Enjoy Your Video with Family

It’s a beautiful feeling to create a documentary of a loved one’s life. It’s an enjoyable and emotional gift you share with friends and family. It’s especially fun if the interviewees are able to view your final cut. Make your storytelling premier a red-carpet event, complete with food and drinks. 

The time you invest in the project will return to you many times over. Your video is sure to be a hit with a mixture of laughter and tears.

Preserve Memories with Photo Books and Custom Slideshows

Unless you have a lot of time, gear, and technical expertise in editing, a legacy video can be a massive project for most of us. Another option is a custom slideshow by Classic Memories. We can incorporate video, audio, and old photos of your loved one into one beautiful and exciting digital slideshow. Please take a look at our custom DVD slideshow samples.

Moreover, don’t forget about photo books. You don’t need a computer or DVD player to enjoy a stroll down memory lane with a quality photo book.

Remember, each person has a life story, and it can be the most valuable thing they have to pass on to the next generation. Classic Memories can help you capture those precious moments. Contact us for a free consultation.

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