Restore Your Precious Photos

We know how important your photo memories are. That’s why we provide expert digital photo restoration services. With over 30 years of experience, we restore and colorize your most precious photographs and make them look new again.
Example #1
What was done: Removed scratches and color corrected photo.
Before and after of a marine headshot being restored by Classic memories
Example #2
What was done: Removed scratches and tears in photo, applied a sepia-toned tint, and brightened and sharpened the image overall.
Before and after of a vintage wedding photograph watermarked by Classic Memories, Photo Restoration Service
Example #3
What was done: Newborn’s image was restored and enhanced, people’s skin tones were improved, select areas were retouched, and photo’s overall color and sharpness were intensified.
Before and after of vintage image of a mother and children being restored to be clearer and less faded by Classic Memories
Example #4
What was done: Photo’s background, clothing, and skin were restored. In addition, the image was darkened and its color was enhanced.
Example #5
What was done: Added family member to group photo.
Before and after image of a family where one person is missing and then added by Classic Memories
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