Custom DVD Slideshows Are Ideal for Special Celebrations

Custom DVD Slideshows Are Ideal for Special Celebrations

Scott Grover was a U.S. Navy photographer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise just as WW2 ended. He spent almost his entire life devoted to photography. After the Navy, he worked for Eastman Kodak for over 40 years at their headquarters in Rochester, NY. 

Like most amateur and professional photographers in the late ’60s, he had an attic crammed with boxes containing old black and white photos from his Navy days. As a photographer and salesman for Kodak, his cupboards were crammed with 35mm slides of every family outing or vacation. He was always testing the latest films from Kodak or their competitors. 

It was a treasure trove of family and U.S. history. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a way to digitize his collection. Most of it ended up in the trash, lost forever. In a moment, we’ll explain how this doesn’t need to happen to your precious family memories.

Back in the 1960s, the best way to view all those slides were slideshows. They were the focal point of family gatherings or weekend parties.

Then and Now

Anyone over the age of 49 will probably remember seeing a slideshow in someone’s home. You waited until the sun went down. A white projection screen was set up, and everyone sat close to the screen to get an unobstructed view. The slide projector, loaded with a carousel of slides, was switched on and the person would tell stories that coincided with the images. It was fun, social, and entertaining.

Typically, the slideshow featured the best pictures chronicling someone’s vacation. It was clearer than the TV, and they were in color. To bring some perspective, color TVs were few and of inferior quality until the mid-’80s. 

Today, everyone sends pictures in an instant of everything they do, see, or eat. People view the images, usually on a cell phone, while they are alone. Sending photos via WhatsApp, Facebook, or another platform is unplanned and solitary. We’re missing the real fun and social aspect of a slideshow!

Create a Custom DVD Slideshow and Start the Party

You don’t have to let all those old photographs and 35 mm slides gather dust in the closet. Creating a custom slideshow has never been simpler. Just call or email Classic Memories today. We do all the work for you. 

You gather all the photos, video clips, plus memorabilia and send them in. We carefully digitize everything and create a custom slideshow saved onto a DVD Blu-ray disc, or digital MP4 video file. We’ll use your choice of music to create a unique story.

You can have a fantastically fun event centered around your slideshow.

Watch from Anywhere

Slideshows are entertaining and informational. Watch them at home with friends, at a public event, or a peaceful memorial service. Because they are digital, you can view them anywhere, on any device. 

We can create one to fit any occasion. Here are a few ideas to kick start your creativity:

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Birth of a child
  • 1st Birthday, or Sweet 16
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Retirement/Going Away
  • Class Reunions
  • Memorial Tribute
  • Graduation
  • Family Vacations/Reunions

We bring your still pictures to life with movement, music, and subtitles. You can incorporate video along with the still photos to make your show more captivating.

Digital Archive Evidence and Corporate History

Archiving files, records, history, or criminal evidence offer tremendous value to businesses and law firms. As media changes rapidly, you need to update your data and documents to keep pace. 

Slideshows are the perfect solution to employee training, orientation, sales training, and as a leadership tool. Include them as part of your advertising and other communications.

Also, custom slideshows are a terrific way to commemorate a significant company anniversary or milestone.

Preserve Your Photos Longer Than the Originals

Photographs are fragile because the paper deteriorates quickly with heat, humidity, bugs, and other pests. When stored properly, they may last one lifetime. By digitizing them, they will last for generations, or until the next change in media. 

Whatever the next technology that comes along, a digital photo will transfer to the new medium without loss of quality.

Digital Archive Your Heritage Before It’s Too Late

In the final years of Scott’s life, he wanted to clear out his home. Thousands of 35 mm slides, photos, and diaries, ended up in the trash. During his time, there was no way to transfer all of that old media into a digital format. The delicate film had deteriorated in the heat and humidity of the attic. Photos had stuck together, damaging them beyond repair. 

The personal histories of many family members disappeared into the back of a garbage truck because he had no way to create a digital archive. Fortunately, you do.

Create a Digital Archive

You don’t have to let that happen to your family’s precious memories. By having us create a digital slideshow for you, you’ll always have copies of your most cherished photos and memories. Keep copies on the cloud and send them to every member of your family. 

The best way to start is to contact Classic Memories for a free consultation. Digital slideshows also solve the problem of storing all those old slides and photos. Convert them into archival DVDs, MP4s, or Blu-ray discs.

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