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CD Audio Ripping Service Details

The CD Audio Ripping Service is ideal for converting your collection of audio CDs into a digital format for easy listening. Minimum order is 25 audio CDs.

  • Pricing is $1.35 per audio CD, for orders of 25 or more CDs, and includes one audio file format selection.
  • Audio file format options include:
    Lossy: MP3, AAC, WMA
    Compressed and Lossless: ALAC, FLAC, WMA
    Uncompressed: WAV, AIFF
  • Some audio CDs may not contain metadata and your transferred audio files would reflect that.

Terms and Conditions for Transferring Copyrighted Audio CDs:

    Customer confirms the sole purpose of having their audio CDs transferred to digital audio files is for personal listening only, in a place such as their home or vehicle. Customer agrees not to copy, share, distribute, edit, or sell the digital audio files to anyone. In addition, the customer agrees the digital audio files will not be used for public performance or for broadcasting. Lastly, the customer agrees the digital audio files will not be uploaded to the internet, including personal or commercial websites, file hosting website services, social media sites or other, for the purpose of copying, sharing, distributing, listening, or selling digital audio files. If any of the above actions are taken, the customer accepts full responsibility for any legal action brought against them. Customer acknowledges that they will not hold Classic Memories accountable and agrees to indemnify Classic Memories against any and all costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses.

Our work is done on-premises and never mailed to a third-party vendor.

I just received my package of CDs and USB drive with my mother’s recorded sermons. The MP3 files sound fantastic, and I’m so glad to know they are converted and backed up! I deeply appreciate you accommodating my needs. Excellent service. I’m so glad I found you!

Marilynn M., Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for my MP3 files. The songs sound great and I really love being able to listen to my music in my car! I will be singing your praises and recommending you to everyone I know.

Leah K., New York

Lisa, a belated thank you for finishing my order so quickly. Your work is wonderful, and I will be sending more CDs to you to be ripped.

Nora C., New Jersey

Steps to CD Audio Ripping Success

Speak with Your Consultant

Speak with Your Consultant

Contact us to discuss converting your CD music collection into a digital audio file format. You can enjoy your music at home, on any device, or in your car. We will assist you in choosing the right file format, bit rate, and storage device.

FREE in-person consultation in White Plains and all of Westchester County, NY, as well as Greenwich and Stamford in Fairfield County, CT



Once we have transferred your CDs to a USB drive, you will be able to listen to your music in your car, from your computer, smartphone, or portable music player. Your original CDs will be packaged and returned to you. Listen to your favorite audio recordings once again in a convenient, modern format.

Door-to-door pick up and delivery service is available in White Plains and all of Westchester County, NY for $10-$20, as well as Greenwich and Stamford in Fairfield County, CT for $20.

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