How Businesses Benefit Using Digital Transfer Services

How Businesses Benefit Using Digital Transfer Services

On June 1, 2008, the unthinkable happened. A warehouse, “Building 6197”, known as the video vault, on the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, California caught fire. In its vaults were almost 500,000 original song recordings spanning decades from the ’30s until now. 

Although the originals are lost forever, most of these songs and the artists will live on because their digital copies are stored in the cloud and on hard drives.

Every business and law firm have video footage that has significant value. If you don’t digitize your videotapes and other video media soon, you risk losing it all.

Three Reasons Businesses Should Transfer Their Media to Digital

It’s not just fire and floods that can destroy your video. Tapes decay over time, rendering them useless unless you digitize them before it’s too late. It’s not just video tapes you need to protect.  All your media such as DVDs, video tapes, CDs, irreplaceable printed documents and photographs can get lost or damaged from improper handling and storage. Here are three valid benefits of digitizing your fragile media.

1. Permanently Preserve the Video’s Content

As with the Universal Studios example, your video media is irreplaceable. Digitizing it means you have high-quality copies, should the unthinkable happen.  

Most companies tend to accumulate an enormous collection of media files over the life of the business.  Much of the company’s early history were recorded in formats that are now obsolete. Preserve these priceless records by digitizing all these media before it’s too late.

2. Easy to Store and Share

Transferring your old visual media to the cloud means you have all your videos permanently stored and protected off-premises. You free up valuable working or storage areas for better use.

Anyone with permission can access these files from anywhere, at any time. Plus, they will be in the latest format, so no need to track down antiquated equipment to play old media. For example, the last video cassette recorder was manufactured in July 2016, and most new computers don’t come with an optical drive.

3. Repurpose Video Content

Every business needs to improve its page rank for search engines like Google. One way to do this is by adding fresh video content to your website by linking to your YouTube channel or embedding videos directly on the site. 

If you have older VHS video tapes, then using a digital transfer service to digitize your videos makes good business sense. You can post the old video as updated content, improving your website ranking.

Protect your video investment by hiring us to take care of it for you. Classic Memories’ professionals have the latest equipment to handle any size job. You’ll save many hours or weeks trying to do it yourself.

Digital Transfer Services for Law Firms

Law firms must digitize to keep up with the profession and competition. Digitizing video from media such as DVDs, VHS tapes, and others makes it easy to send and display in an office or courtroom using the latest digital projection methods or computer screen. 

Giving your team the ability to consult a central, integrated system for the latest video information saves time. Digitizing all your media archives helps to keep your firm’s records organized, safe, and quickly accessible.

Additionally, the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) recommends that attorneys preserve evidence from initial collection to when you present it in court. Your video evidence can be copied directly to a protected external hard drive to prove the chain of custody. To show that the evidence has remained intact, a representative from your firm must properly initial and date the evidence and place a case number with it to preserve the chain of custody.

The Classic Memories Difference

How many changes in media have you experienced in your lifetime? Keeping in step with technology is a never-ending task, but using our digital transfer service will help your business keep up. 

Classic Memories is a local NY company that serves all 50 states. We offer door to door pick up and delivery service to local customers in  Westchester New York and parts of Connecticut. 

Our experts manage all work on-premises, and never use a 3rd party to handle your information. Contact us for a 1-on-1 consultation about your company’s specific needs. We guarantee 5-star service and the quality of your finished project.

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